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What to expect

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Completely paperless and compatible with most devices.

Foundation Math is a computer-based program with user-friendly interface that makes it simple for students and teachers to use. After logging in, students can choose to practice their skills or take a test. Practices give feedback for incorrect answers, allowing students to see what they missed and learn why. Once they feel ready for the test, they can move on and test their knowledge! Encouraging popups at the end of the test keep students excited and encouraged.

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Fact fluency and benchmarks for basic operations, decimals, and fractions.

As teachers, we know each student is unique and some progress faster than others. That’s why Foundation Math’s online, interactive fact practice allows teachers to offer individualized practice for each student. Students can move through the 80+ basic fact tests at their personal working level and complete the program at their own pace.

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Easy-to-read and comprehensive reports for monitoring and feedback.

Teachers can choose to view a classroom overview report or an individual student progress report. The classroom overview report gives a snapshot of each student in your class, and you can rank them in order of steps passed. The individual student progress report gives a more in-depth view of how the student is progressing, including number of tests completed, number of tests passed, and number of correct answers per test.

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A simple, no-frills way to build the foundation your students need to succeed in math – for a lifetime.

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